I lay in my bed. I close my eyes tight. I hold the blanket so tight my knuckles turn white. Is he still standing over me? Did he leave?? I can’t look, I can’t move. I’m paralyzed. I think I can smell him. I can’t be sure though. The smell of booze and cigarettes stillRead more »

Sometimes you just can’t shake it. That feeling in your shoulders, that creeps into your heart and causes it to race. That feeling will start to make it feel like it is almost impossible to breath. Next comes the headache and just trying to relax seems to cause all of these feelings to amplify. TryingRead more »

Thoughts lead to Words and Words lead to Actions. Think Positive.

I have been struggling with my writing lately. My words haven’t flowed like then use to. My writing just seemed forced. I was just sitting here watching Intervention, while listening to my husband and daughter playing and laughing, which obviously brings a smile to my face. It dawned on me that I had more inRead more »

I should have been there for you more than I was. What happened was not your fault. What could you have done to stop it? Please don’t feel responsible for anything, he was stronger than you. I should have protected you more. I’m going to always make sure your feelings are put first. Please don’tRead more »

Sometimes life is hard and you want to quit but don’t….just breathe. Today you’re sad and the tears feel like they won’t stop but they will…just breathe. I know you feel lonely and you feel like nobody cares but I promise they do…just breathe. It’s ok that you’re scared, we all are at times…just breathe.Read more »

My blog was down and as I’ve mentioned before I am not very computer savy, but I am back and I promise to get this revamped and back on track!! I hope I haven’t lost any of my readers, and thank you to all of you who have stayed with me:)

P-Pain that is never ending. T-Touching that is unwanted. S-Secrets that will never be told. D-Darkness with no sign of light. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real. It’s just that for some of us…we are too busy living with it to realize we have it. Marisa Gause

Please don’t judge my feelings, I cannot control them. They might hurt you and for that I am sorry. My feelings can also hurt me, at times they even scare me. I won’t judge your feelings, because I know you can’t control them. Your feelings will hurt me and for that I know you’re sorry.Read more »

A little girl smiles. A little girl cries. A little girl dreams. A little girl accepts. A little girl hopes. A little girl fears. A little girl dies. But the woman survives. Marisa Gause

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