Sometimes life is hard and you want to quit but don’t….just breathe. Today you’re sad and the tears feel like they won’t stop but they will…just breathe. I know you feel lonely and you feel like nobody cares but I promise they do…just breathe. It’s ok that you’re scared, we all are at times…just breathe.Read more »

My blog was down and as I’ve mentioned before I am not very computer savy, but I am back and I promise to get this revamped and back on track!! I hope I haven’t lost any of my readers, and thank you to all of you who have stayed with me:)

P-Pain that is never ending. T-Touching that is unwanted. S-Secrets that will never be told. D-Darkness with no sign of light. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real. It’s just that for some of us…we are too busy living with it to realize we have it. Marisa Gause

Please don’t judge my feelings, I cannot control them. They might hurt you and for that I am sorry. My feelings can also hurt me, at times they even scare me. I won’t judge your feelings, because I know you can’t control them. Your feelings will hurt me and for that I know you’re sorry.Read more »

A little girl smiles. A little girl cries. A little girl dreams. A little girl accepts. A little girl hopes. A little girl fears. A little girl dies. But the woman survives. Marisa Gause

I’m sorry for the tears you shed because of me. I’m sorry for the secrets I kept even though I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry for saying I was fine when I wasn’t. I’m sorry for letting you believe I was fine. I’m sorry the love you gave me wasn’t enough. I’m sorry I told youRead more »

I was touched before I had sex. I was touched before I had my first kiss. I was touched before I held hands with a boy. I was touched before I had my first crush. I was touched before I could ride a bike. I was touched before I could write a complete sentence. TheRead more »

Why do we let ourselves be so guarded? I mean, what do we really gain from it?? We have all been hurt before. I think it is safe to say that the majority of us have all been let down by somebody that we love or by somebody that we never in a million yearsRead more »

Does anybody else have these? You feel just a bit….blue. You’re fine, nothing is really wrong and you aren’t upset,  you’re just blue. You aren’t depressed  but you aren’t overly happy either you’re just blue. You smile and even though it’s sincere it fades a little quicker then normal because…you’re just blue. There is nothingRead more »

Some of us have had a sad and unfair life that seems to have followed from the time we started to walk, all the way into adulthood. It can at times feel like we have a dark cloud hanging over our heads with no umbrella. I get it, I truly do. I think that inRead more »

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